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Samsung Galaxy S5 32GB Confirmed for U.S. Carrier



The Samsung Galaxy S5 release in the United States is inching closer towards the April release date, and today we learned some valuable details regarding what options customers will have from US carriers.

While last week the Galaxy S5 cleared the FCC for multiple carriers, and even US Cellular yesterday, we’re still not sure exactly what colors, options, and storage limits will be available come the rumored April 11th release date. During the unveiling Samsung mentioned 16, 32, and 64GB options, as well as four potential colors. However, it looks like we won’t have as many choices at first as many initially thought.

Samsung confirmed black and white will be the default colors at launch globally, but we can expect the gold (band-aid) option, and the stylish blue colors to both become available either shortly after, or around the same time as carrier exclusives. Another thing that is even more important, is storage, and today a leak confirmed T-Mobile’s plan to offer the 32GB model.

According to leaked documents acquired by AndroidCentral T-Mobile will only offer the Galaxy S5 with 16GB of internal storage in select stores. If you’re looking to have more space and pay for the 32GB variant you’ll need to order it online, and wait for it to ship.

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This is both good and bad news. For one, it shows that at least one US carrier should be offering the 32GB variant at launch, but it also shows potential signs of delays or users having a hard time getting additional storage limits. As a reminder, the Galaxy S4 launched with the 32GB models missing in action for months and months. Verizon only offered the 32GB variant a month after the initial launch, and AT&T had a few weeks delay on this version as well. For whatever reason additional storage appears to be an issue for Samsung, and the Galaxy S5 is shaping up to be more of the same hassle.


The full specs of the upcoming smartphone are once again detailed in the leak, which are nothing new since Samsung announced the phone themselves back in February. Again this leak is only talking about T-Mobile Galaxy S5 units, so we could see a different scenario for AT&T or Verizon once they officially get announced.

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If Samsung’s Galaxy S5 takes the same route as the S4 last year, we’ll see it arrive only in 16GB options, with a 32GB arriving at a later and unknown date. Something that could frustrate many buyers. On the flip side, Samsung’s competition, HTC, will likely overdue Samsung with 32GB HTC One smartphones available at launch. We’ve seen T-Mobile and Verizon retail units leak this week, both with 32GB of internal storage and a micro-SD slot for expansion.

For now buyers will just have to wait and see once carriers begin making announcements in the next few weeks, and for those interested, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S5 is up for pre-order now.

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