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Samsung Galaxy S5 Features List Suffers as Rumors and Reality Collide



The Samsung Galaxy S5 features list takes another hit as rumors chip away at potential advances in the technology tucked inside the new Samsung smartphone.

Samsung is reportedly a month away from launching the Galaxy S5 and is making the tough decisions about which Samsung Galaxy S5 features make the cut as executives dial in the final set of features and technology for the upcoming phone.

A new report from Korea suggests Samsung is cutting new wireless charging technology from the Galaxy S5, which joins iris scanning as a feature we won’t likely see on the Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features are dropping as rumors cannot match reality.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features are dropping as rumors cannot match reality.

Magnetic Resonance charging is a new form of wireless charging which allows users to charge a device when it is not in direct contact with a charger. The prevailing Qi wireless charging standard requires a phone to sit on a charger directly or with a very slim case, but Magnetic Resonance wireless charging would change that.

If Samsung built the new wireless charging in as a Galaxy S5 feature it could allow users to charge with a small gap between the phone and the charger, which could also help mount the charger under a table, desk or nightstand. If Samsung built this into the Galaxy S5 it could charge the smartphone simply by putting the Galaxy S5 near the charger. The video demo of WiiTricity shows this in action.

If this is an exciting feature that you would love to see in the Galaxy S5, you may need to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 release to enjoy it. In a new report from a Korean news publication, spotted by GforGames, industry sources say Samsung will not include it on the upcoming Galaxy S5. The problem isn’t that this tech isn’t ready, but that Samsung isn’t convinced consumers will pay more for it and that they can use it as a marketing point to sell more Galaxy S5 devices. A rumor in October also pointed to this tech skipping the Galaxy S5.

From a price standpoint the latest rumor suggests Samsung is keeping Galaxy S5 price the same as the S4 which did not ship with wireless charging of any kind. While consumers are not sold on wireless charging, the fact that this new wireless charging tech is much closer to the no wires at all needed does seem like a standout feature that could help Samsung sell more units.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features list is whittled down by new rumors.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features list is whittled down by new rumors.

This isn’t the only Galaxy S5 feature rumored as cut from the device as the Galaxy S5 release nears and the reality of what Samsung can do sets in. A report yesterday claims the Galaxy S5 will not include Iris scanning technology in the phone to help authenticate users. Instead Samsung will likely use a fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S5 instead of the eye scanning technology.

As smartphone companies look for innovations that consumers will actually use the security of an iris scanner is one that continues to make the running rumor list. In October we demonstrated a technology that uses an eyeprint to unlock the Galaxy Note 3, which could in theory work on the Galaxy S5, but the feature isn’t perfected yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement is set for February 23rd according to the latest leak and the Galaxy S5 release date will take place in April according to that same source. Other leaks indicate a new version of the Samsung TouchWiz software that is exclusive to Samsung devices will take a cue from Google Now with cards to share information about relevant activities, alerts and more.



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    01/22/2014 at 11:58 am

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  2. Paul

    01/22/2014 at 5:13 pm

    I dont want an eye scanner holding up to face is just not ideal in any situation. I dont even use a lock! 4 digit pin is on my bank card so im happy with that. Wireless charging, is it that hard to put your cable in the little hole, really are we becomeing slobs or something, how this is better is beyond me!

  3. Solar

    01/22/2014 at 9:33 pm

    Hmm so the Galaxy s5 is about a month away from launching and you say Samsung is making the tough decisions about which Galaxy s5 features make the cut ? I could be wrong but apart from maybe software Features all the inside tech ( Cpu, Ram, Camera ect )
    including the design, screen , buttons and whatever else would already be done and well into production i would also go as far as saying packaged and ready to ship.

    As for all the the phone itself i dont want an eye scanner or wireless charging and i agree with Paul i think we are all becoming just plain lazy .

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