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Samsung Galaxy S5 Makes Odd Appearance



The Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors keep flowing with a new carrier listing for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korea that includes a very limited set of specs.

Earlier today a listing of Samsung Galaxy S5 models leaked showing the U.S. carriers that will likely sell the Galaxy S5 at release and the list also includes a number of other models for Korea and other countries.

One of the Korean models on this leaked list is the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900L, which also include a _KOR_LGT indicator. Based on the other models listed the KOR stand for Korea and the LGT is likely for the carrier LG U+, possibly LG Telecom.

New Galaxy S5 carrier listing.

New Galaxy S5 carrier listing.

UberGizmo discovered a listing on the LG U+ developer pages that lists the Samsung Galaxy SM-G900L. The listing doe s not show a photo, but the rest of the Samsung devices listed by the carrier include the sam eL determination.

Where thing take a turn from interesting to odd is a closer look at the listing. It is not surprising that the Galaxy S5 release date is listed as to be announced or that the carrier believes it is coming with Android 4.4, but after a deeper dive the listing shows a Galaxy S5 display spec that doesn’t line up with the earlier rumors.

A small listing of Galaxy S5 specs at a Korean carrier.

A small listing of Galaxy S5 specs at a Korean carrier.

According to this listing the Galaxy S5 display is pegged for 5.1-inches and will use a 1920 x 1080 resolution display. Other recent leaks suggested a 5.2-inch display for a high-end and a low-end model. The high-end Galaxy S5 will reportedly use a new 2560 x 1440 resolution known as QHD and the low-end model will use a 1920 x 1080 resolution like the Galaxy S4.

It is possible that the carrier is expecting a Galaxy S5 with these specs, or it may be a placeholder for the device. With high-end and low-end models rumored the listing is not enough to discount a Galaxy S5 display that offers a new high-resolution experience, but it is worth pointing out.

LG U+ was the source of a LG G2 leak several months ahead of the LG G2 release in 2013, so it is possible the carrier is preparing or planning for the Galaxy S5 in some way and this slipped out. The Galaxy S5 reportedly passed through certifications in Indonesia.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to arrive at a launch event in February or March and a Galaxy S5 release is reportedly targeted for April or May. Other specs include a 16MP camera and a new TouchWiz software overlay.

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