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Samsung Galaxy S5 Reservations Available Today in U.S.



One retailer will start taking Samsung Galaxy S5 reservations in the United States today, weeks ahead of a Galaxy S5 release date in April.

After weeks and weeks of rumor and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced on stage at Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 1 event in Barcelona, Spain. The device, which comes with a number of new features including a new design and camera, will be coming to replace the Galaxy S4 in just a few short weeks.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S5 release date would land globally starting in April. It went further and confirmed an April 11th release date in 150 countries around the world though U.S. carriers still haven’t confirmed specific details.


U.S. Cellular today confirmed its plans to release the Galaxy S5 in April though the carrier did not provide a specific date. U.S. carriers typically release flagship devices around the same time so other might be on the same schedule as U.S. Cellular.

While the Galaxy S5 release is weeks away in the United States, one retailer is going to be taking reservations early. RadioShack confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that it will start taking down names for those who wish to reserve a Galaxy S5 right now. It’s not a pre-order and is instead, a reservation ahead of the pre-order:

This is pre-registration first, so customers will be able to register their names to be contacted for the pre-order when it’s announced. When the pre-order is announced, that will be the same as always with first come first serve.

RadioShack says that those looking to reserve the Galaxy S5 today can do so online through the company’s online portal or head down to a physical location to put in an reservation.

Right now, this stands as the only way to reserve a Galaxy S5 in the United States. We expect other retailers and U.S. carriers to offer up pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 though they may not start today.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming with a number of different features including several upgrades from the Galaxy S4. The device utilizes a brand new design that offers dust and water resistance, something that was not offered last year on the regular Galaxy S4. Those looking for a rugged experience had to buy the Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S5 also comes with a new 16MP camera, a larger 5.1-inch display, faster processor, Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and a fingerprint sensor inside of the home button.

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