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Samsung Galaxy S5: Samsung May Tap Apple Supplier for Metal Design



The Samsung Galaxy S5 could come with a metal design according to multiple rumors, the latest of which claims Samsung could pay a company that makes Apple’s MacBook Air metal frames and those for the HTC One to deliver a metal Galaxy S5 to consumers in 2014.

In a bid to keep up with competitors using higher-end materials the Galaxy Note 3 comes with a faux leather back, and it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5 could ship with a new metal design that could allow it to better compete with the aluminum HTC One and the iPhone 5s for shoppers who value the tactile feel of the device as much as much as they do the features on board.

The rumors come a week after Samsung mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun confirmed the Galaxy S5 would ship with a 64-bit processor, like the iPhone 5s. Separate reports indicate Apple is planning a metal design for the Galaxy S5 claim the company will use a plant in Korea to make the magnesium or aluminum case.

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We could see a metal Samsung Galaxy S4 in early 2014.

We could see a metal Samsung Galaxy S4 in early 2014.

The latest report from Tapei Times states that Samsung is in talks with Catcher Technology Company to deliver a metal case for a premium Galaxy smartphone in the first half of 2014. While this report does not explicitly call out the Samsung Galaxy S5, the timing matches up with the anticipated Spring Galaxy S5 release time frame.

Barclays analysts Dale Gai and Kirk Yang detailed the possibility of a metal Galaxy S5 in a note to investors released last week. The note states that supply chain checks point to Samsung making a final decision on the metal casings for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the very near future.

The Galaxy S5 could feature an aluminum design.

The Galaxy S5 could feature an aluminum design.

If Catcher Technology wins the bid to make the metal Galaxy S5 body, the HTC One, Phone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 could all originate from the same supplier of metal cases.

We previously called the HTC One the MacBook Pro of smartphones thanks to a premium design that looks more like a MacBook Pro than even Apple’s own iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s do. While consumers care about features, we are seeing an increased amount of attention placed on the look and feel of devices.

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Look for a premium design on the Samsung Galaxy S5 according to the latest rumors.

Look for a premium design on the Samsung Galaxy S5 according to the latest rumors.

At this point the Samsung Galaxy S5 remains a mystery on many fronts, though it is looking increasingly like Samsung will opt for a metal design and a 64-bit processor. If Samsung introduces a Galaxy S5 with a metal design, we could still see the Micro SD card and removable battery that Samsung buyers have come to know and love, though the Galaxy Note 3 release cut the 16GB model, which helps set Samsung up for a 32GB and 64GB Galaxy S5 without a Micro SD card if it comes to that.



  1. beCool

    09/23/2013 at 7:01 pm

    If Samsung go for cheap aluminum tin-can sealed design. They will lose the market.
    Samsung are doing well now, and soon will sweep the floor with Apple, as they did with the “premium” HTC and Sony.
    Why should they make suicide?

    This iRumors are only to present the cheap tin-can as a “premium”, and to brainwash the morons . LOL

    • Lex

      10/10/2013 at 4:47 pm

      you are stupid buddy,it’s common sense that the aluminium body is the superior and premium material,now if you call that cheap,it means you lack common sense,in other words means you are STUPID.(and jealous of Apple of course),go enjoy your plastic phone with generic operating system.

  2. doesitmatter

    10/09/2013 at 3:19 pm

    lol how is aluminum cheap isnt plastic cheaper? lol wtf and samsung doesnt make htc 1 lmfaooooo real smart there

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