Samsung Gear Glass Wearable Tipped to Arrive with the Galaxy S5
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Samsung Gear Glass Wearable Tipped to Arrive with the Galaxy S5



Samsung makes phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, has upcoming devices with flexible displays, and is dominating the Android smartphone and big screen Note market, and now they even have the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. So it only makes sense that their next adventure would be further into wearable devices. Today we’re hearing the Korean company is working on a new Google Glass rival being called the Gear Glass.

This weekend famed analyst and occasional leakster Eldar Murtazin tweeted about this upcoming device, and had more details than just the name. He’s been correct in the past with multiple Samsung devices, and is now claiming they have a Gear Glass unit in the works to take on Google (and others) in the augmented-reality and wearable computing space.


With all the excitement around Google Glass, not to mention the fact that Samsung has their feet in almost every other category, we’re not surprised to see rumors of them going after the eyewear market.  While Murtazin’s has been right in the past, the name “Gear Glass” does raise some concerns with being too similar to Google’s own device. Could this mean they’re working with Google? Doubtful, but the idea is worth exploring.

We’ll probably see a different name once their wearable device comes to the market, if this rumor is indeed true, and Gear Glass is likely only a placeholder or internal name. Eldar goes on to state we’ll probably see Samsung’s Gear Glass hit the market in April or May of 2014 which lines up perfectly with Samsung’s yearly Galaxy smartphone launches.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 and all previous models were launched around the same time frame, and we could see Samsung pair their upcoming Gear Glass with the Galaxy S5. Just like the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch this month. I’d go as far as to say we could even see a trio of Galaxy devices with a new flagship smartphone, smartwatch, and Glass wearable all launching as a package deal.

Recent reports have Google Glass coming out sometime in mid 2014 which means Samsung could be aiming to beat the search giant to their own game, but that’s doubtful. At this point it’s too early to know what Samsung has planned, but surely we’ll be finding out more as the new year approaches.

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