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Samsung getting back in the UMPC game with S-Pad



Report out of Korean site etnews is that Samsung is prepping an iPad competitor codenamed S-Pad. While its reported 7-inch screen will evoke memories of the Q1 UMPC, the rest of the device sounds markedly different, particularly the AMOLED display and Bada OS instead of Windows.

Not a whole lot of info on the specs yet, but it sounds like it won’t be much different from a larger version of the Samsung Wave (shown above). The Active-matrix OLED display should provide significant power savings and higher resolution than LCD. Wi-Fi and 3G will also be offered, as well as a 30-pin connector, similar to that of the iPod family. No word on processor, but Samsung makes ARM processors and, at last report, Bada is ARM-only, so don’t put any money on x86.

Via Engadget

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