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Samsung Hints at Additional Color Choices for Galaxy S III Smartphone



With AT&T getting the exclusive Garnet Red version of the Galaxy S III, it looks like Samsung may be looking at bringing other exclusive colors to the market. Speaking to UK-based Pocket-lint, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that additional color variants will be coming over time. “We will be announcing potential colour variants in due course.”

Currently, the Galaxy S III is available in either Pebble Blue or Marble White in the U.S. and internationally. AT&T thus far is the only carrier that will be getting the Garnet Red color and pre-orders started this past weekend on July 15.

Samsung has not confirmed what those new colors will be.

Additionally, in the U.S., it appears that Best Buy may be looking to stock an unlocked international GSM version of the Galaxy S III with quad-core Exynos processing power. The carrier-based versions of the Galaxy S III released in the U.S. comes with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor instead.

A screenshot captured by Android Central of Best Buy’s computer system shows that a Pebble Blu i9300 was listed, which is the same model number that the quad-core unlocked Galaxy S III is sold under. Right now, there is a quantity listing of 0 and none are placed on order, so it’s still unclear if Best Buy intends to stock this variant. In the past, Best Buy did sell unlocked Galaxy S i9100 in some markets so it would not be unlikely that the retailer would expand to include the current Galaxy S III.

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