Samsung Introduces New Galaxy Smartphone Naming, Branding
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Samsung Introduces New Galaxy Smartphone Naming, Branding



Under its Galaxy moniker for its Android smartphone products, Smasung has decided to define each product line under the Galaxy brand to make it easier for consumers to pick the right phone. The flagship phone will be branded as the Galaxy S, and in addition to that Samsung will also have the R, W, M, and Y classes to fulfill different user needs.

AS the flagship phone, the Galaxy S, now in its second generation with the Galaxy S II, will be the most feature-rich device. Users looking for a premium experience, which closely matches the performance of the S but in a more affordable package, should explore the Galaxy R series. The R is followed by a high tiered Galaxy W for ‘wonder’ series, the mid-tiered magical Galaxy M, and the youth-oriented entry-level Galaxy Y.

The handset branding now, all unified under the Galaxy name, will help consumers be able to differentiate and identify the appropriate phone quickly and easily. No more confusion about which Galaxy phones slot in where.

As far as phone pricing, Samsung is guiding pricing as:

  • Galaxy R: 300-400 Euros
  • Galaxy W: 200-300 Euros
  • Galaxy M: 130-200 Euros
  • Galaxy Y: Under 130 Euros

New generations of phones will get a number to trail the letter, such as the Galaxy S II. Additionally, phones with bumped up specs but retaining the same overall design will get a plus added at the end, like the recently reported Galaxy S Plus, which bumps up the CPU speeds but maintains identical design and hardware to the original Galaxy S or S1. A pro designation will be used for devices with physical QWERTY keyboards.

As to Windows Phone 7 handsets, the flagship device will carry a number–like the Omnia 7. Lower tiered devices will carry a letter–W, M, and Y–similar to the Android counterparts.

Samsung’s naming and branding news comes just as Nokia and Qualcomm have decided to re-brand their smartphone and processor product families respectively.

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  1. Anonymous

    08/15/2011 at 1:58 pm

    These things always seem nice until they decide to break their own new system.

    • Anonymous

      08/15/2011 at 11:50 pm

      LOL, Agreed!

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