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Samsung Launches Music Hub for Galaxy S III in U.S.



Samsung is beginning to debut its Music Hub service to U.S. Galaxy S III devices. Initially, the service will only be available to AT&T and U.S. Cellular customers, but Samsung is working on getting wider support in the U.S. The Music Hub comprises of three separate services: a music locker and streaming service, an Internet radio component, and a music subscription service. Music Hub will be available for a 30-day free trial and will cost users just under $10 per month if they wish to continue the service.

In the U.S., Samsung is building the Music Hub service after it had acquired company mSpot. The service does emulate some great ideas from other existing music in the cloud services.


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For example, like Apple’s iTunes in iCloud, the music match and storage component will scan a user’s hard drive and match the songs available in the cloud so little upload is necessary. For songs that aren’t available in Samsung’s Music Hub cloud, users can manually upload those titles. Samsung gives users up to 100 GB of storage for the subscription fee.

According to The Verge, music that’s stored in your cloud will get downloaded to your Galaxy S III when you listen to them. This is in line with what iTunes is doing and users cannot just stream music without having to download the tracks to their devices.

AT&T and U.S. Cellular customers can download or update to the latest Music Hub through the Google Play Store. On the desktop, Music Hub is accessible through a web browser as a web app.

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1 Comment

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