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Samsung NC20 Netbook Details Dribble Out



samsungnc20 This isn’t what I expected when we heard that Samsung was working on getting a successor to the NC10 Netbook ready for a CES 2009 debut. Details are starting to come out about the NC20 and I have to say I’m a bit confused. According to this notebook italia report it looks like the NC20 will be running VIA’s Nano U225 processor at 1.3GHz, feature a large 12.1 inch display, 160GB HD, 1GB of RAM and the usual array of specs. It will weigh in at 3.3 pounds, which to my thinking is on the heavy side for a Netbook. Not only that it will come with a pretty steep price point of $642.

It is still early yet, so maybe we’ll see more shortly, but this sounds like a step between a Netbook and a notebook. We’ll have to check in with Samsung at CES 2009 to find out the details.

Via Engadget

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