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Samsung NC310 Netbook Details Begin to Emerge



samsung-n310-official-03-23-09 Samsung is slowly rolling out details on its new NC310 Netbook. It looks stylish and speculation it has a ‘higher than your average Netbook’ price to match, although we have no specifics on that as of yet, although speculation is around $577 US. It will land first in the UK in May. There will be multiple colors eventually, but limited to black and blue on release. There’s also some back and forth on whether the model number is the NC310 or the N310. This Netbook is also semi-rugged.

In any case, Samsung keeps catching my eye with their Netbook designs. Asus, Acer, HP, and Dell catch most of the attention, and while I’m not in the Netbook market (at the moment) every time I see and read about one of Samsung’s Netbooks I find myself leaning that way.


Via electricpig via Engadget

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