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Samsung Patches Exynos Exploit on Galaxy Note 2, Epic 4G Touch



Samsung is pushing an update to fix the Exynos security exploit on the Galaxy Note 2 and the Epic 4G Touch starting today, on Sprint and T-Mobile.

The security update for these two Samsung devices fixes an issue discovered in September wich created opportunities for malicious users to take control of a Samsung smartphone with the potential to brick the phone, wipe data or steal information.

Samsung promised to fix the Exynos security exploit as, “quickly as possible.”, back in December, and it looks like Samsung made good on that promise.

Sprint announced the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch update FL24 today, which will be rolling out to users over the next month. The update also includes Sprint’s Connections Optimizer.

T-Mobile announced the Galaxy Note 2 security update today, which will begin rolling out to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 owners over the air. Users who don’t want to wait can reportedly install the update from Kies manually. In addition to the security fix, the Galaxy Note 2 also gets several bug fixes.

Samsung still needs to roll out an update for the Verizon and AT&T Galaxy Note 2 as well as the international Galaxy Note 2. There is no timing on the update for the Galaxy Note 2 on other carriers.

samsung_exynos securityThe U.S. Galaxy S3 is safe from the exploit as it doesn’t use the Samsung processor, but the international Galaxy S3 is still vulnerable.

The exploit also affects other phones and tablets running the Samsung Exynos processor, but we anticipate more announcements in the coming weeks.

Users with affected devices can still use their phone or tablet, as specialized malware to take advantage of this hole has not yet surfaced. That said, users should always be cautious about what Android apps they install and should perform the security update when it is available on their phone or tablet.


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