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Samsung Q1 Ultra does 2GB



I’m a geek, I’ve always felt like a geek, and now having a Samsung Q1 Ultra in my hands really reinforces it. She (I know it’s a she) arrived today via FedEX and rather impatiently I tore open the FedEX box and booted her up before the FedEX Man had even left the building. My intentions are to nurture her for a bit less than a week and do whatever it takes to prove, or disprove, myself as a devotee.

At this stage I have no real hang-ups regarding the device so I’m feeling pretty neutral. I neither love nor hate the two cameras; I neither love nor hate the QWERTY keyboard; and I most certainly neither love nor hate the new shape. It will be fun and my intention is to post a video some time in the future regarding my experience.

So with device in hand and time to burn what was a man meant to do on this first date? What else but upgrade her memory of course! Since becoming the proud owner of several 2GB sticks of RAM I decided that our first date would include nothing less than a memory transplant! My motto for the last week has been ““I’ve got 2Gig sticks and I’m not afraid to use them!”

So here are the results:

(and yes Dennis…it helps!)

She now has 2038MB RAM

Experience Index: 2.0 before RAM upgrade and 2.0 after upgrade

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