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Samsung Q1 Ultra – Just an Okay UMPC??



ultra There has been lots of talk about the Samusng Q1 UMPC – some like, some dislike.  I had a chance to play with one for a little while and even did an unboxing on UStream for everybody to see.  I liked the device, but I didn’t really like the keyboard layout – maybe I just didn’t have it long enough to get a good feel for it.  PC magazine has a review in the newest issue (original review on the site is older), and they don’t speak very highly of the machine.  It is a good machine but I agree with some of their points, and one I really don’t agree with…

Their Pros: Nice pointing stick and mouse buttons, compact, Sweet screen

Their Cons: Keyboard needs work, CPU power and Vista performance, Still Pricey

  • The screen – coming from the R2H, I didn’t like the screen.  I personally had issues with the vectoring because I and used to the R2h screen that I can rest my hand on while writing.
  • Price – I think with any UMPC, if they would get the price point down a little they would take off faster – they suggested $500 – $600 would be good

One item I really don’t understand is the comparison they listed for Performance Tests.  Samsung Q1 Ultra vs. Lenovo x60??  I don’t understand how you can compare an 800 mhz ultra mobile processor with a 2.0 ghz Dual Core machine…  $1000.00 machine vs. $2,699.00 machine…  29-Wh battery vs. 75-Wh battery…  Wouldn’t it be a little better to compare with another UMPC or the OQO Model 02?  I mean, you are comparing this to a full sized Tablet PC.  What do you think?  Are they being fair?  I think that the UMPC has been around long enough to get a review compared against a similar machine.

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