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Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC First Impressions Coming In



PICT0314_thumb1 Slowly but surely, people are starting to receive the Samsung Q1 Ultra, and first impressions are beginning to come in. L0GiX,  a forum member, just just received his Q1 Ultra and has posted a fantastic first impressions article, along with some good pictures.

It seems L0GiX is really enjoying his new Q1 Ultra ( with Vista installed ), as he christened it “Q-Bert”. Performance is a bit slow on Q-Bert, but after he uninstalled McAfee and adjusted the system properties for Best Performance, things took a turn for the better.

His quote regarding initial performance before tweaks:

Q-Bert started off running really slow. Everything I did took a while. I felt like I was working on a 486 again with Windows 98.

In addition to L0GiX and some other reports coming in, our own Dennis Rice has been using a Vista based Q1 Ultra this past week, and will be publishing an InkShow on it really soon. Stay tuned for Dennis’ impressions, too.

With this forum thread and Dennis’ upcoming InkShow video review, we ought to be able to give folks every bit of information they need concerning this attractive new UMPC.

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