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Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Tips and Tweaks



Q1ultratweaksIf you’re one of those who have just gotten your hands on a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, or are looking to, you might want to bookmark this thread in the GBM Forums started by L0GiX. Not only has he been giving his first impressions but he’s now posting on his successes and failures as he tries to tweak the system. Of course, in my opinion, it is shame that we have to tweak these devices to get good performance in the first place, but hey, that’s where we appear to be. No matter, L0GiX is really doing a lot of legwork that will save you some steps down the road if you choose this path. Check it out here.

Also make sure you check out Dennis Rice’s GBM InkShow of the Q1 Ultra.







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