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Samsung Q1 Ultra – Unboxing / Q&A?



Last time I did this it was spur of the moment, but there was still a good turnout none the less…  If there is interest, I have a Samsung Q1 in my office that I can do an “Unboxing” with tomorrow night.  It’s not really a true unboxing cause most of the team has already been playing with it, but I still thinking of having a UStream session if people are interested???  If you want to see it in action – want me to try anything – ask any questions – I am more than willing!!

So what do you think?  I am shooting for 10 PM Eastern time Tuesday the 10th – anybody want to join me??

If interested, and there is something specific you want me to install/try that might need a little prep – comment here and I will have things set up as to not waste time.

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