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Samsung Q2 UMPC spotted on



There has been plenty of talk about the leaked specs and pictures of the Samsung Q2 UMPC on Engadget. Some folks are doubting whether the pictures are real. I believe they are real and that we will see a Q2 from Samsung next week during CEBIT.

Well, I scoped out tonight and although I didn’t find any hidden specs, etc, I did notice the leaked Q2 appearing on the upper-right handcorner of the site advertising their CEBIT exhibition.

Here is the picture enlarged. Although it distorts a little, the split keyboard and the right programmable buttons can easily be seen. The lettering line on the bottom lines up with where Samsung appears on the Engadget Q2 pictures as well. Will we see one next week? I think so. I also think Samsung has a potential winner here. They show that they have been listening to the enormous amount of feedback from the past year – integrated WWAN, split keyboard, and improved resolution.

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