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Samsung Reaches Deal to Include Lookout with Knox Security Suite



Samsung Android business users won’t have to worry about downloading or purchasing a copy of the Lookout security application when setting up their devices. The world’s largest Android smartphone creator will now include Lookout as part of its Samsung KNOX security suite for business.

Announced today, on the by Lookout on its blog, any device that has Samsung KNOX will allow users to find and secure their devices using the application. According to that post this version of Lookout won’t be identical to the Look Mobile Security application that is already included on a large number of Android handsets.

While that version of the application includes security scanning, options for recovering lost devices and a neat flare option that tells users the last place their phone was before its battery died, Lookout is only saying that its business variant will “keep devices, networks and infrastructure safe from mobile threats.”

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout Security and Antivirus for Android.

Business users should expect Lookout for Business to arrive sometime later this year, however they won’t have to wait until then to use Samsung KNOX security suite. Since announcing the software suite earlier this year, Samsung has been trying to convince both users and large corporations that Knox is best for their organizations.

That’s because The Knox Security Suite allows employees to use the same Samsung Android smartphone for their business and personal needs, while allowing companies to safeguard their networks and protect internal information. So far the plan seems to be working: the United States Department of Defense approved the suite for use on its networks in May.

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By separating the data and applications users need for personal and home use, Samsung is able to enable users to forgo the hassle of constantly carrying two smartphones. While the idea of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device solutions aren’t exactly novel, Samsung has been one of the few smartphone makers pushing the idea with a sweeping range of services and services.

Users can’t download the Knox Security Suite from the Google Play Store. They can, however, download Lookout to their Android smartphone or tablet right now for free. A premium version of the application offers automatic backups to the company’s cloud service.


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