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Samsung Refreshes The Q1 Ultra Lineup



Samsung-q1-ultra_1Samsung has unveiled two new flavors of the Q1 UltraMobile PC. The Q1U-CMXP comes with integrated HSDPA and the Q1UP-V comes with Vista Business pre-installed. Aside from the famous Samsung non-sexy naming conventions and aforementioned changes, these Q1 Ultra’s offer the same package as those currently on the market. The price tag is still steep at $1499 for the Q1U-CMXP and $1449 for the Q1UP-V. Samsung is aiming the Q1UP-V at the commercial market so I will be interested to see how they market that approach.

Here’s a link to the press release.

UPDATE: See all this ultra’s and numbers just cloud my brain. The Q1U-CMXP with HSDPA is based on the Q1 Ultra, not the Ultra Premium. The Q1UP-V is based on the Q1 Ultra Premium. I wish they’d call these things, black, white, red, blue, green, and anything else.




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