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Samsung Releases Low-Cost SSDs for Netbooks



Samsung announced that it has developed a high-performance, low capacity, and super compact SSD dedicated to the growing netbook market. The drives will boast 8, 16, and 32GB capacities in a form factor that is roughly 30% smaller than traditional 2.5″ drives. These new drives will start production next month. According to the press release,

The low-density Samsung SSDs use the same high-performance SATA II controller technology as that being used on Samsung’s just-introduced MLC-based 128GB SSD.
Samsung’s new MLC-based SSD at 32GB capacity will read data (sequentially) at 90MB/s and write it (sequentially) at 70MB/s — performance levels much greater than low-density SSDs on the market today. The 16GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 45MB/s, while the 8GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 25MB/s.

““We’ve refined our manufacturing techniques and redesigned our low-density SSDs to get what the low-priced PC market is looking for in the way of improved cost, performance and availability,” said Jim Elliott, Vice President, Memory Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc

Hopefully with these new drives, the prices of netbooks will finally start dropping to their anticipated $300-$400 sweetspot while still offering a decent amount of performance and storage capacity.

Via Akihabara News

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