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Samsung Releases Official Galaxy S4 Hands-on Video



To show off the new Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung released a new hands-on video detailing just about every feature of the new smartphone. Sadly, it was done in what might be the most boring way possible.

The 13-minute long video starts with a brief overview of the Samsung Galaxy S4 before delving into every new feature Samsung packed into its flagship phone. The hands-on covers everything from the JJ Abrams lens flare on the lock screen to Group Play, and the plethora of camera features.

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The narrator of the video sounds just a bit bored as he walks us through every feature of the phone. With so many of them, it’s easy to see why, but it’s tough to get excited when the narrator has no inflection in his voice.

While Samsung calls the video a hands-on, it’s more of a walk-through of the phone. The video shows users how to change the text on the lock screen, how to use some of the new camera features and how to use Air Gestures, among many other things. It’s almost required viewing for users who want to know everything about their new phone as quickly as possible.

The 13-minute video shows a lot more than Samsung can squeeze into a few one-minute commercials, no matter how good they are. And it certainly does a better job than the phone’s launch event, which was much longer and just painful to watch. Thankfully there are no terrible stereotypes in the hands-on video.


While the 13-minute video shows all of the advantages the Galaxy S4 has over other phones, it also highlights a frustration that some users have. To some the Galaxy S4 simply has too many features they don’t want. Those features are part of the reason users who get the 16GB model of the Galaxy S4 only have 8GB of storage space available to them.

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