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Samsung SmartCam HD Announced for Outdoor Security



Here at the Consumer Electronics Show Samsung revealed its new lineup of do-it-yourself home security camera to take on some of the competition. Delivering both indoor and outdoor security WiFi cameras capable of 1080p video capture.

The new security camera options have a few things that make them stand out vs the others available. Offering a $179 Samsung SmartCam HD and the $229 SmartCam HD Outdoor. Both which offer 1080p streaming with wide angle lenses capable of 128-degree monitoring. That, and the 1080p video records right to a on-board micro-SD card or is visible from a mobile device.


The 1080p feature is something many are excited to have when you’re also getting such a wide angle for those backyard views and other needs, not to mention having on-board storage is nice instead of always streaming via the cloud and WiFi back to a DVR like Dropcam and some of its competitors, which usually require a subscription.

The SmartCam HD coming in at just $179 makes it a decent option for those who’ve used a Dropcam Pro in the past, but there’s already plenty of lower priced options readily available, so we’ll have to see what else Samsung has planned. The more exciting option is the 1080p SmartCam HD Outdoors.


Both of Samsung’s new camera connect over WiFi for WiFi Direct, and can be accessed and configured right from any Android or iOS device. Including your iPad or Android tablet. Samsung claims to have excellent low-light recording capabilities, but the best part is what all the outdoor option offers.

Ranging upwards of 50 feet of clear video capture the HD Outdoor can handle any and all elements, and is extremely small but requires the rest of the unit and on-board micro-SD storage setup to be nearby. Ideally wired through a garage or something to that extent which is secured indoors. It’s nice to see an outdoor DIY security option with these features all for just $229.

Of course everything will then be customizable from your smartphone or tablet to have always-on recording, recording only after movement or a security alert, and notifications will instantly appear on your device of choice asking for the next step, or for video playback.

The SmartCam HD and SmartCam HD Outdoor should both arrive inside of March for $179 and $229, as mentioned above.

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