Samsung: Something New Is Coming to CES 2013
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Samsung: Something New Is Coming to CES 2013



With January around the corner, Samsung has already begun teasing worldwide fans that it will be introducing something new at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2013. One of the world’s largest technology conglomerates has the world on bated breath. As Samsung makes a number of different types of products from computing to home entertainment to appliances and more, it’s unclear what product(s) Samsung would be unveiling at the technology trade show.

Aside from the short 17-second teaser video posted on YouTube, Samsung has not revealed any additional hints or information. The video was seen initially on Android Central


At least in the mobile space, the Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone is rumored to be introduced at the show, though that may be unlikely. Samsung usually reserves its flagship smartphone announcements for European-centric showcases as these products usually arrive in the European market before the U.S. market, or the company announces its high-end products at its own events.

With the Galaxy S III, Samsung had announced that device at its own event as the smartphone was rumored to have been announced at the Mobile World Congress event in February, but it had missed that date. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II phablets were both initially introduced in Europe at the IFA trade show.

Samsung also makes a number of Windows 8 laptops, computers, and tablets. Additionally, the company makes Google’s Chromebook netbooks as well.

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1 Comment

  1. drmussey

    12/13/2012 at 3:09 pm

    CES has some light moments, too. I created a composite of the “best moments” of CES which never really happened. This is a YouTube animated cartoon that makes fun of CES and is work safe (though it has a bit of violent cartoon humor).

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