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Samsung SPH-P900 Deluxe MITs Unveiled



SamsungunfoldThis is an interesting design for an ultra-portable (or is that ultra-mobile?) Samsung took the wraps off the SPH-P900 Deluxe MITs at the Mobile WiMax Summit. Talk about an origami-like unfolding keyboard! Interesting that is running a 1GHz Transmeta and it does includce Mobile WiMAX as well as EV-DO, but no WiFi. Engadget has more along with pictures and a link to Aving that doesn’t reveal a heckuva a lot. This burst of ultra-portables that is being rolled out is certainly interesting, although it will be interesting to see if they ever make to the US market. I’m kinda doubting that. I’m also wondering just how these underpowered (by Vista standards) ultra-mobiles will gain much traction given that Vista’s touch capabilities make similar devices quite a bit more functional.

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