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Samsung SSD Drop Tested, Super Talent SSD Drops Price



It’s a well-advertised claim that SSDs stand up to abuse much better than their spinning platter counterparts. I’ve always been a sucker for destruction tests, and this three story drop of Samsung’s SSD really rocks my socks. There’s just something about abusing technology that gets me every time. Anyway, Steve Weinger, the senior marketing manager for Samsung proves his company’s mettle in this video by chucking the SSD off a rooftop onto the pavement below. At ground level, a colleague pops the SSD into a waiting laptop and powers it up with no ill effects. Impressive indeed.



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In related SSD news, Super Talent has announced a significant price drop of their solid state drives. A standalone 128GB unit is now selling for $300. That’s $2.35 per gigabyte if you’re keeping track. Of course these drives aren’t as fast as the recently announced drives from Toshiba and Intel, but they can hold their own with data speeds of 100MB/s read and 40MB/s write. Alongside the 128GB unit, Super Talent is also reducing the price of their 64GB SSD to $179, or $2.80 per GB. Although this is still a bit on the pricey side compared to regular HDDs, it marks a significant decrease in SSD pricing. The 128GB SSD option from Dell, for example, costs $475 on an XPS. Similarly, HP still charges $750 for a 64GB SSD on its 2510p. I think I’ll make the switch when pricing approaches $1.00-$1.50 per GB. What’s your threshold before you’d take the plunge?

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