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Samsung Still Flying The UMPC Banner: Planning Q1 Refresh



Samsungq1ultraSome, myself inlcuded, may think the UMPC form factor is on the way out, but one of the original OEMs to buy into the platform, and also the most aggressive in advancing their line, Samsung, isn’t willing to concede the field it seems. Samsung R&D Engineer, Jeongseon Euh, in the first of a three part interview with Techradar says that Samsung is planning on a next generation of the Q1 line (possibly in time for next year’s CES in January) and a possible entry into the MID world as well.

I’m anxious to see parts 2 and 3 of the interview. Part 2 will cover Samsung’s reactoin to the Intel Atom chipset and Asus’ Eee PC.

Check out the interview here.

Via jkOnTheRun

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