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Samsung Teases Wet, Fit and Alive Galaxy S5 Announcement



With its Samsung Unpacked event at this year’s Mobile World Congress trade show due to begin on Monday, Samsung has taken to video site YouTube to tease how the Galaxy S5 might enhance users lives, trump Apple’s iPhone and top the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The video posted to YouTube begins with flashing pictures of people living their lives in slightly over fantasized photos. Overlaid on those photos are different words that describe what’s going in the picture and a subscript number ‘5’.

In all, the video includes the words, together, explorer, curiosity, dad, peace, wet, free, family, victory, connect, party, relax, create, surprise, focus, alive, stand out, social, outdoor, moment, brothers, courage, play, concert, hangout, ride, selfie, flip, talent, dream, speed, fit, fun, humor style, you and life.  The entire video teaser ends with Samsung outright declaring that it’s planning to announce a new flagship Galaxy device with “The Next Galaxy” flashing in bold letters.

samsung galaxy s5 trailer

The teaser’s ripped from the same exact playbook as previous Samsung Galaxy announcements, instead of focusing on raw processing power and screen technology alone, previous generations of the Galaxy line have focused on providing users with the technology they might need to live a better life. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 includes S Health, a built-in fitness application that tries to keep users active.

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung seems to be doubling down on that focus. The slow motion shots in the video allude to the Samsung Galaxy S5 picking up some kind of slow-motion video recording technology. That the company included shots of people using their devices in unorthodox situations with text like “wet” could also be a hint that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could at least be water-resistant and better able to stand-up to outdoor environments. That something previous Samsung flagships have been criticized for in the past.

Only small bits of information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 have leaked out. For example, reports have indicated that Samsung will introduce a fingerprint reader to the device’s home button. Allegedly, that fingerprint reader will work much in the same way the iPhone 5s’ TouchID fingerprint reader does. Rumors have also pegged the Samsung Galaxy S5 has having both a mid-range and high-end version.

Samsung is expected to use metals and other premium materials in the construction and casing of the high-end Samsung Galaxy S5, meanwhile the non-premium Galaxy S5 could still use the same plastic construction that Samsung uses for most of its devices today.  Potential Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers should expect the device to include a 5.25-inch display, a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera and launch as soon as March or April, according to multiple unconfirmed reports.

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Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event is scheduled for February 24th. The company will stream video of the event to its user on its YouTube page live.

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