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Samsung to Merge Bada with Tizen to Create FrankenOS



Samsung will be merging its Bada OS, which is predominantly found in South Korea, with Tizen to create a huge mash-up OS that will strive to compete against Android.

According to Tae-Jin Kang, Samsung’s VP of Contents Planning Team, “We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen.” Forbes reported that the company doesn’t know when the project to combine Tizen and Bada will be completed. When the merge is completed, Tizen will be able to support apps written for Bada and the support will also extend backward compatibility to previously released apps.

For those unaware, Tizen was created by Intel after Nokia had abandoned the MeeGo partnership in favor of moving forward with Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft. For its part, MeeGo was born out of a partnership between Nokia and Intel as the former had decided to merge its Maemo operating system with the latter’s Moblin OS in the mobile space. Now, with Samsung’s Bada, Tizen will also incorporate elements from Maemo, Moblin, and MeeGo.

Currently, Samsung’s highest-end phones run the Android OS and the company also supports Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. The company may use Tizen and Bada to not only differentiate itself in the mid-range phone segment, but also to become less reliant on others. By attaching Bada to Tizen, Samsung will be helping to give Tizen an ecosystem and the South Korean smartphone-maker will be leveraging its brand to attract developers to Tizen.


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