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Samsung to Release Galaxy S II Plus Before Galaxy S III



Samsung had just recently announced that the Galaxy S III won’t be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this month and that the third-generation flagship would be revealed at a separate launch event in the first half of the year. So what will be headlining Samsung’s MWC lineup? Potentially, a refreshed Galaxy S II may be positioned to hold customers over until Samsung readies the Galaxy S III. That model may be dubbed the Galaxy S II Plus, which will come with slightly better specs.

Interesting, though, the Galaxy S II Plus, which was logged on the An3DBenchXL database, reveals that the Gingerbread device will be sporting dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU and a WVGA display, presumably of the same Super AMOLED Plus variety. What’s unclear is why Samsung would keep the lower resolution when AT&T’s Galaxy S II variant that was announced at CES will be going for a higher resolution 720p HD display; that model is the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD LTE.

If true, Samsung would probably need to make the Galaxy S II Plus available to consumers to purchase shortly after the device’s MWC announcement to remain competitive as the Galaxy S III is nearing release.

The strategy of offering a slightly better model follows what Motorola and Apple are doing. Similar to Apple adopting the ‘S’ in a minor refresh–like moving from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S–Samsung appears to be doing the same with the Plus name. Motorola is recently attempting this strategy when the company announced the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX with a larger battery to join the Droid RAZR.

Via: Android Community

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