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Samsung Galaxy Tab Listed for 799 Euros



The Samsung Galaxy Tab still doesn’t have an official price tag here in the U.S., but it does over in Europe. is taking pre-orders for unlocked copies of the Galaxy Tab for 799 Euros. The hefty price tag affirms the $800 Galaxy Tab price point that’s been thrown around lately. By the time this Android device finds it way to U.S. store shelves it may have a carrier subsidy to make the MSRP a bit more digestible. The Galaxy Tab looks like a slick device by all measures, but an $800 price tag is a show stopper.




  1. zproxy

    09/07/2010 at 7:01 am

    Will see how long it takes to deliver this rather expensive device :)

  2. timon

    09/07/2010 at 8:47 pm
    “a Super AMOLED 7-inch tablet was highly unlikely to ever materialize in a marketable form, …….”
    “We’re usually inclined to consider such moves cynical marketing ploys — keep the Super branding, drop the actual super hardware……”

    I want to say:
    We are usually inclined to consider such moves crafty marketing tricks, –starts the ballyhooed noise on a super hardware, bringing up a super pricing, but actually drops the super hardware… — some rustic peddlers would be like this in the Far East, although they are in IT industry.

    2 Sep 2010 ago, Samsung has already planned a LCD screen in GalaxyTab. However, most of the folks have already been got info and trusting an AMOLED screen on GalaxyTab, during the IFA 2010.
    Samsung … claims the new display improves battery life and helps to keep the price low.

    a momentarily, that Samsung is now saying a Super TFT in their optimized, —— and “helps to keep the price low”??

    Looks folks have widely disgruntled the 779 Euro for GalaxyTab, and that now is no AMOLED, which was wonky 779 Euro.

    a trusted of gradation, Samsung is still the lower than the Japanese corporations!

  3. timon

    09/07/2010 at 9:29 pm

    according to IDC data that Samsung computers were only a 0.7% share in US, but Toshiba’s share is 8.4%, and Dell is 23.8%, HP is 25.5%, Sony is very small only a 2.4%…… (Aug 2010)

    Samsung’s pricing needs to match of the actual market, and with a well performance and a good quality, but is not the turgid pricing. If Samsung wants to win of a larger share in global market.

    a turgid pricing in GalaxyTab — a balloon bursting in the air…

  4. timon

    09/07/2010 at 10:56 pm

    In Beijing 7 Sep 2010, Archos has held of a news conference for the new products launching. The 7″ Archos 70 was included, and the pricing would be less than 300 Euro (250GB HDD), a 8GB SSD version is less than 250 Euro. The HDMI port is directly on its main body, did not need the additional expenses to buy a docking device for the HDMI output, and did not need to carry an otiose devices during the journey, when you are in a hotel-room and a HDTV was there.

    In US, an Archos 70 would be less than 300 USD (250GB HDD), if you want to get an Android OS 7″ tablet.

    Archos 70, the pricing/Euro/USD/CNY

    Archos 101, the pricing/Euro/USD/CNY

    Archos 70, Specs

  5. Pinoy Tv

    05/06/2011 at 5:45 am

    This is bad bad news.

    I never buy this tablet with this price, nobody does. Only stupids maybe.

    The telephone capabilities is unneeded.

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