Samsung’s Accessory Killing Chip May be in Galaxy Note 3

The smartphone accessory business is a lucrative one, and new details are revealing that Samsung is aiming for dominance when it comes to cases, chargers, cables, and potentially much more when it comes to its own devices. This week news arrived that Samsung could be preparing to cut out unofficial accessories from working with its Galaxy devices, but more details today state it’s already happening.

According to sources and details by way of ETNews Samsung has introduced the company’s new authentication chip to the Galaxy Note 3, and all future devices will come with the same. While initially this was a rumor ETNews has insiders claiming Samsung’s already started this, and has begun sending out matching authentication chips to all of its current official accessory manufacturers. Could this be the end of third party accessories for Samsung devices?

Galaxy Note 3 Hidden Features

As you all know, Apple did something similar with the Lightning Cable for charging the new iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and now it seems Samsung wants to take a similar approach and start hitting the accessory market hard. Anything from charging cables, wireless charging pads, and even 3rd party flip cases and covers all won’t work correctly without the chip.

Many of Samsung’s accessories, like the flip cover, have additional features such as answering or ending a call by flipping it closed, displaying a clock on a small portion of their S-View cases, and much more. If Samsung implements the authentication chip system, we’ll all be forced to buy official accessories if we want to enjoy these features. Ones that surely will start to cost more and more, just look at Apple’s prices. They’re ridiculous.

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The tipster claims Samsung sent these chips to all accessory business division and suppliers, and is making it a mandatory install for all accessories. At the moment we haven’t heard too much about this, but in the near future some Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners might have bad luck trying out 3rd party accessories from eBay or Amazon. Which will eventually lead to fakes appearing, like we see above with Apple’s Lightning Cables.

In the end what this means is if accessories aren’t authenticated with a unique ID by the device, certain functions won’t work. As a result users will opt for official branded, or official cases right from Samsung. They’re usually better anyways, but we can’t see this going over well with consumers, not to mention it will only drive the cost of accessories up.

With millions and millions of devices sold each and every month this makes sense from a business standpoint, but the accessory market for Galaxy devices could be in a world of trouble.