SanDisk goes BIG with 32GB SD card for smartphones

As we become more and more a nation of smartphone users, we have to ask ourselves the eternal question, is 16GB of space enough on our SD cards?  Cell phone manufacturers keep making new smartphones with larger internal drive capacity to try and keep up with our insatiable thirst for data (photos, PIM data, music, etc).  But, it looks like we still need more.  So, we turn to the SD/SDHC card manufacturers and say, “Hey, we need more than 16GB cards!”

It turns out that SanDisk listened.  San Disk has just announced the availability of a 32Gb microSD card.  This is just after Samsung announced intention to have their 32GB card available this month at CES 2010.

The 32GB card is available from the SanDisk website as well as the usual sources.  Its not cheap though.  Pricing is $199.99.  But, it may be worth it to have a nice chunk of your MP3 collection with you at all times.