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SanDisk going Microsoft “Pink”



Today is the day we find out from Microsoft what all the hubub is about relating to the Microsoft Pink phones.  What will a Pink phone be like?  What about its counterpart the Turtle phone? Will it be more Zune than phone?  Will it actually be pink?

Well, SanDisk, the memory manufacturer, let the press know that they were supporting the new devices.  From the article on Engadget:

Good secrets are hard to keep, and it looks like at least one of Microsoft’s trusted partners has spilled the beans on the company’s big announce for Monday. SanDisk used the occasion — the unannounced occasion, that is — to let some members of the press know today that Microsoft’s Pink devices will be compatible with its line of microSD cards. That seems like a pretty lame way to ride on the coattails of a big hardware launch, but then again, when your most exciting products are nondescript pieces of plastic half the size of a postage stamp, how else are you going to make the news?

Looks like its time to go Pink or go home.  Lets see who else will be supporting Microsoft’s new phone line?  Keep your eyes locked to this site and our sister site, for more information.

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