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Santa Rosa Thinkpad Tablet Around the Corner?



Word is starting to pop that the Lenovo Thinkpad X61 and X61 Tablet will feature the Santa Rosa chipset. No surprise there really, and of course news is converging that the current X60 and X60T are being discounted by 25% through Memorial Day. NoteBook Review picked up some documents off of the Lenovo website and has posted quite a bit of info including an annoucement date of May 31.

According to NoteBook Review the Tablet verison will feature The Intel ULV Chipset at L7300 (1.4ghz) and L7500 1.6ghz.) SXGA+ will still be offered as will as the multi-touch. Bear in mind these things can change quickly as we head into the run up to a release. So, we’ll have more as we confirm things with our contacts at Lenovo.


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