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Satechi BT Media Remote Review: Great iPhone 5 Car Companion



The Satechi BT Media Remote is a Bluetooth remote control for the iPhone and iPad, and for the past month it’s my in-car Bluetooth remote control for  the iPhone.

The BT Media Remote controls the iPhone when I am driving so I don’t need to look for an on-screen control. I use the bluetooth remote control with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, and it’s quickly become my favorite iPhone 5 accessory for traveling.

Satechi offers control of many items with this remote , including the ability to use it as a presentation remote or a remote camera shutter, but my main use is in the car.

Satechi Bluetooth Remote Control - iPhone Bluetooth remote - 1

Bluetooth remote control for using the iPhone in a car.

The iPhone 5 is my go to gadget for in-car communication, entertainment and navigation, but controlling a touchscreen while driving is annoying and dangerous.

With the Satechi BT media Remote I can skip tracks on the iPhone and play or pause music without trying to hit small on-screen icons. The control works for all the music apps I tested it with, not just the built-in Music app. I routinely use it to control Pandora and Spotify on my iPhone while driving. The iPhone connects to the stereo with a standard auxiliary cable, this remote doesn’t do any streaming.

Satechi Bluetooth Remote Control - iPhone Bluetooth remote - 4

Satechi BT Media Remote control.

That’s not all this remote does. If my iPhone is out of reach, I can hold down the home button on the remote control to activate Siri. This lets me open apps, make calls and send texts while I am driving. I can even send Facebook and Twitter updates with Siri without touching my iPhone.

I also use the remote to find businesses and get directions, by activating Siri with the remote control. About the only thing this remote can’t do in my car is answer calls.

The iPhone must be close because the remote doesn’t include a microphone, but I find that with the microphone array on the iPhone 5 I am using Siri more often in the car.

Satechi Bluetooth Remote Control - iPhone Bluetooth remote - 2

Slide down to pair the bluetooth remote control.

The remote pairs easily thanks to a slider that reveals a number pad. Tap in the code and the BT Media Remote pairs to the iPhone or iPad. Satechi says it will work with any Bluetooth device. There is an on/off switch on the left side of the device, and the two batteries should last 6-months. The remote uses CR2025 batteries, available in many stores for a few dollars.

The bluetooth iPhone remote for my car reconnects to the iPhone without any re-pairing needed over multiple trips. The BT Media Remote also plays nice with other devices like a Bluetooth headset, so users don’t need to choose one or the other.

The Satechi BT Media Remote is my new must have in-car iPhone 5 accessory. This is a great gadget for users without in-dash iPhone control, and might be worth looking at for users that can no longer connect the iPhone 5 to their in dash radio.

The video below sums up the Satechi Bluetooth Remote control features, including music control, use as a remote camera shutter and as a remote control for presentations.

The Satechi BT Media Remote is available from Amazon for $39.99 or direct from Satechi for the same price.

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