Save the Netbook Campaign is Over the Top

save-the-netbooks-campaign-fights-the-impending-trademark-threatOh, my.

Due to Psion Teklogic’s defense of their trademark on the term Netbook, an Australian group is over reacting a bit and mounting a Save the Netbook campaign. The reasons I think they are overreacting are simple really.

  • Netbooks, or whatever they end up being called in light of the Psion Teklogic issue, aren’t going to go away. Could confusion ensue? Yes. But I don’t think Netbooks are endangered.
  • Regardless of how the legal entanglements work out, the term Netbook is pretty well entrenched in the vernacular. Legally Psion may indeed win out, but the enforcement of that will be like trying to hold onto air.

I admire the efforts to bring attention to the matter, but again, I think it is a lot to do over nothing in the big picture.

Via jkonTheRun