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Schosche fitRAIL Mounts iPad on Fitness Equipment



Your iPad can make fitness and exercise a little more bearable, thanks to Schosche’s fitRAIL, you can mount your iPad or iPad 2 to your exercise equipment and wile away those hours of sweating to some Netflix movies, or while reading an Amazon book. You’ll still have to do the hard work of exercising yourself, though.

The fitRAIL mounts your iPad to things like treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and lots of other equipment. It’s a stand made out of aluminum. You rest the iPad on the fitRAIL which then locks onto your exercise equipment so it won’t fall off as you walk, run or pedal. The soft rubber feet will protect the exercise equipment so you don’t scratch it, especially important if you take it with you to the gym. The device folds up for easy transport. A strap attaches to the equipment.

Schosche fitRAIL

Scosche also has a device called the myTREK pulse monitor and a free companion app that users attach to their arm via a strap. It monitors your pulse rate, calories burned and length of workout.

Schosche fitRAIL back

You can get one at Apple or directly from Scosche for $49.99. The myTREK costs $129.99. Other retailers that will soon carry them include, Verizon and Target.

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