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Scoble leaving Microsoft? Apparently so.



I just picked up from Silicon Valley Watcher – via Om Malik, that Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft and headed to podcast start-up Podtech.net. Wow.

Apparently, the founder of Podtech.net gave a “No Comment” when asked about it, and there is nothing on Robert’s blog to either deny or confirm, except this post from Robert that he apparently has made a decision. I guess more news from Robert is coming tomorrow.

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Chris Pirillo has an entry on his blog saying that it is 100% true. Tech Crunch has a quote from Robert: “No comment for now. I’ll be posting shortly.”

Major congratulations to Robert. I don’t know that Robert is the kind of guy that could ever truly be replaced at Microsoft, but life will go on. He came at a unique time, and helped repair Microsoft’s public image.

I believe it has been a total win-win for both Robert and Microsoft.



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