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Scott Eckert offers his take on the UMPC



If you read the interview with Motion Computing’s Scott Eckert, you know that he really didn’t answer the Lifestyle PC question that I posed to him. He couldn’t respond to that question due to NDA, even though the ““ideal specs” were publicly talked about at the Mobile Partners Brief in Redmond.

Well, with the device officially announced, Scott has followed up (again) and offers his take. Dennis and I have both replied to him as well. It is an interesting dialogue and one that has a lot of varying opinions on what this announcement ultimately means for companies like Motion and OQO.

If you are wanting to know Motion’s thoughts on the UMPC announcement, I’d encourage you to read his answer.

BTW: I just ordered a Motion LS800 and will be posting a review of it in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we’ll have a UMPC in hand as well and will post a review of it. Having those two reviews head to head should prove to be very interesting.

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