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Scott Hanselman and the Dell Mini 9: A Developers View



dellmini9 Netbooks, some love them, some leave them, so don’t get them. Scott Hanselman has penned an excellent post about Netbooks and his practical experiences as a developer using the Dell Mini 9. Scott outlines a number of points and there are some interesting nuggets to be uncovered in his post.


I absolutely agree that setting your expectations appropriately are the key to having a successful experience, but then that’s the case with any device and always has been. Scott in running the beta of Win 7 and as he says it isn’t speedy, but it isn’t slow. He also offers a number of possible tweaks that might help performance.

As a developer he’s running Visual Web Developer and SQL Server 2008 without any issues and as a consumer he points out that he’s getting good performance while viewing 480p videos on Hulu.

Also of interest, Scott mentions that though he hasn’t tested Outlook on the device that the seek pattern of PST/OST files is ““not something that SSDs like.” That’s interesting information, although I would imagine most folks using Netbooks would be using a web interface for email.

Well worth a read.

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