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Scottevest Camp Shirt Review



The Scottevest Camp shirt is a fun summer shirt that offers a casual look for around town or on the trail, with just the right amount of pockets and features.

Scottevest clothing is best known for the twenty pocket jackets and vests like the Transformer, but the recent Scottevest shirts shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’ve worn the Scottevest Camp Shirt for the past few months, and love the festive orange color, personal area network for running headphone cords and side pockets.

It’s not as dressy as the Scottevest Snap Front shirt, but it’s great for a casual shirt on the weekend.

As a camp shirt, the button up offers a few great options. My favorite feature is the magnetic closure on the front pocket. This pocket is where users are most likely to stick a smartphone and run their headphones to. Unlike standard shirt pockets, the Camp Shirt’s magnetic snap keeps the phone in the shirt when bending over to pick up firewood or to add wood to a fire, a rather important function.

Scottevest Camp Shirt

Scottevest Camp Shirt pocket map.

The only other pockets are ont he right side of the shirt behind a single zipper. Th=is pocket offers front and rear pockets with a separation in the center. These pockets also offer a small opening to run headphone cords, but I prefer to keep small gadgets or items like a Zagg Sparq 2.0 in the pocket. The backup battery shows somewhat, but isn’t overly bulky or heavy.

When it comes to running headphone cables, I’m more likely to use them in a shirt I wear out for a walk, hike or around a campfire. By running the cables inside the shirt I don’t need to worry about snagging them on something and pulling them out. The small loops by the neck keep the earbuds within reach without constantly adjustment like a standard shirt.

Scottevest Camp Shirt Review

The Scottevest Camp Shirt is available in several colors.19

The shirt is soft and lightweight, even cool enough to wear when temps hit 100 in the Midwest recently. My only complaint is the shirt wrinkles fairly easily, especially around the waist, after wearing it all day.

The Scottevest Camp Shirt is $65 and is available in Mango, Steel Blue and Cafe au Lait.




    08/27/2012 at 8:06 am

    Great review, thanks! We love the orange color on you!

  2. ratna shakya

    08/28/2015 at 5:27 am

    This is not a recent review; but since they still sell the shirts, and potential buyers may be seeking an opinion… I bought the blue an orange one and was thrilled when they arrived. Then the seems in the armpits of one gave way after the first washing. This wasn’t wear and tear — just shoddy sewing. The shirts themselves are moderately cool. I bet they’d be great in a hot, DRY climate. In steamier climes they are not so good.. They absorb, hold, and display every drop of sweat. They are better than the truly warm Bamboo polos (I’ve bought every shirt Scottevest sells) — but I stlil think they only good shirt in the TEC line is the 1/4 zip

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