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SCOTTEVEST Outback: A Killer Gadget Jacket (video)



Scott from SCOTTEVEST (SeV) sent over an Outback jacket for me to check out. This jacket’s a little different than all the other SeV gear I use, which is primarily designed for travel. The Outback jacket is designed for those who want to conceal more than just gadgets.

Check out the below video to see what I stuffed in just two of the jacket’s 20 pockets.

The PadPocket is advertised as being large enough to easily carry an iPad. When I slipped my iPad into the pocket it felt almost too big. I sometimes carry my HP Envy 13 in my SeV Travel jacket/vest and it easily fits in the Outback’s PadPocket. As I packed up to go work in a mobile office today I found that my Envy 13 was out of juice though. Sitting next to it on my desk was my 15″ MacBook Pro and I cringed at having to carry a backpack all day. I tried stuffing my MacBook Pro in the pocket and it fit just fine and even zipped shut. My iPad, with a SENA leather case, still fits in the PadPocket when the MacBook Pro is in there.

The Outback jacket is designed for concealed carry (CCW) and law enforcement. The Outback has a lot of features to help accomodate holsters, accessory pouches and ammo. I haven’t had time to put them all through their paces yet, but I decided to see what I could comfortably stuff in one of the side pockets, which has a Velcro panel and an elastic loop. It easily accommodated my .40 caliber Glock with a Streamlight attached, a 6″ Gerber dagger and a 4″ S&W pocket knife.  If California actually issued CCW permits I could reserve a pocket or two in this jacket for defending myself and the thousands of dollars worth of gadgets in the other pockets.

I plan on wearing this jacket on some upcoming trips and as it gets colder here in San Francisco. I may even see exactly how many gadgets and guns I can cram in the pockets.

The SeV Outback Jacket for $150 at in limited quantities. You’ll need a size medium or larger if you want to carry an iPad in your pocket. I wear an XL, which accommodates both a MacBook Pro and an iPad in the PadPocket.



  1. Mactee21

    01/18/2012 at 5:58 pm

    hey what about sizes for us big and tall americans like 4X 5X 4XT and 5XT. At least make a few and see how they  sell. Look around you there are large people everywhere you go! And were cold DAM IT!!!!     Thanks you for your time.

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