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Scottevest Transformer Jacket Review (Video)



The Scottevest Transformer Jacket is my new favorite piece of Scottevest gear and an essential travel companion.

Scottevest clothing and vests include a number of strategically placed pockets to carry everything from phones to tablets and all the other items one needs while on a trip.

I wore the Scottevest Transformer Jacket on a week-long trip to San Francisco this summer, and it was the one gadget I never left the hotel room without.

The best part about this jacket, reason enough to buy it even if you don’t plan to carry gadgets, is the magnetic sleeve system.

Instead of zipping and un-zipping sleeves, the sleeves come off to transform the jacket into a vest in seconds, and snap back in place just as fast thanks to magnets.

The weather in San Francisco changes dramatically from block to block, so as we walked through the Embarcadero to Fisherman’s Wharf and biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, I removed and put the sleeves back on countless times. Sometimes the sleeves came on and off and back on again in a matter of 15 minutes. This made for a more comfortable trip, as I certainly wouldn’t mess with zippered sleeves this often. The sleeves roll up and fit inside one of the many pockets and come out without much wrinkling.

Check out the ease of removing and attaching the Transformer Jacket sleeves in my video review below.

The Scottevest Transformer Jacket includes 20 pockets, much like the Fleece 5.0 jacket I’ve been using to cover CES every year.

On the trip out and back, I kept my iPad in the side pocket while flying so I could easily grab it without trying to get to my carry on. I also kept both phone holders full with my iPhone 4S and my Galaxy Nexus.

ScotteVest Transformer Jacket balloon

Wearing the Scottevest Transformer Jacket before a hot air balloon ride.

I love the pocket for flight documents, which sits on the left inside of the jacket. It came in handy as I juggled nearly a dozen documents after getting stranded for six hours in O’Hare airport. Even though I walked an extra few miles trying to catch various flights out, I was comfortable thanks to the easy to remove sleeves and the weight management system that distributes weight.

Transformer Jacket Pockets

The Transformer jacket features 20 pockets.

I ran headphones through the personal area network, which routes the cord up from the clear touch phone pockets to the neck, where the buds can be stashed in small pockets.

For day-to-day use while we were running around San Francisco I used the included lens cleaner on my glasses multiple times and stuck extra batteries and iPhone battery cases in the various pockets. The pockets also come in handy if your wife asks you to hold a clutch or purse, though on this trip my wife was wearing the Kelly Jacket, a women’s version of the Transformer Jacket.

It’s hard to pick just one Scottevest jacket or shirt to buy, but if you are looking for a great multipurpose jacket to start with, the Transformer Jacket is the one to pick. The jacket is heavy enough to cut the wind and add warmth without being too hot to use in warmer climates.

The Scottevest Transformer Jacket retails for $160 on and is available in grey, red and black.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Somename

    08/22/2012 at 7:51 pm

    Seems to me that a jacket which requires removing and replacing the sleeves that often does not have proper ventilation built in. Perhaps the material needed for all the pockets and channels complicates ventilation.

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