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Screen Protector Installation Tips



8-18-2008 11-07-38 PMI’ve been asked quite a few times about the best way to install the screen protectors I’ve been reviewing. The videos show the installation process at 6X actual speed, so it’s very understandable that there is a lack of clarity on how to properly cover your tablet’s screen. I’ve written a brief how-to article of the installation process. Check it out after the jump!

1) Wash your hands. Clean hands free of dirt, grime, or other sources of debris will be key to a clean install. If you have rubber gloves (latex or non-latex the ones medical professionals use), that’d be ideal. Fingerprints on the adhesive side during the handling stage of the screen protector would require washing the screen protector with a mild soap and is a pain in the rear. Washing your hands will allow for a limited amount of fingerprint oils to get on the adhesive side.

2) If you don’t have the big yellow applicator, don’t worry. Just go to your local craft store and get the thickest posterboard you can find. Hopefully you can find a relatively smallish one, if not, have the store cut you a piece that is roughly 6″ wide. If your computer didn’t come with a screen cleaning cloth, a quick trip to Target or Walmart will provide you with microfiber cloths in their auto department. Use this on the running edge of the poster board and use it as an applicator tool. This way, when you line up the edge of the screen protector to the edge of your screen, you can apply the protector in one pass so you minimize the risk of bubbling during the application process. It’ll prevent the applicator card’s possible sharp edges from scratching the screen protector.

3) If you’re at Target or Walmart, pick up a lint roller. Having a dust free environment is an exercise in futility. The lint roller will allow you to quickly pluck off any dust bunnies you might encounter during the installation process. If dust gets under the protector during the installation process, slowly work backwards to where the dust bunny got under the screen. Take the lint roller and gently stick the dust bunny.

4) As you’re applying any of the full adhesive protectors, pace is key. You don’t want to go too slow or else you might mess up. You don’t want to go too fast else you introduce static buildup, which will inevitably attract dust particles. If you’re doubling back because of misalignment or dust, go slow and reapply the lining film back onto the protector to avoid dust pickup on the exposed protector. You want to work at a smooth steady pace so the installation can happen in one pass. If you see smallish bubbles, you can work them towards the edge with the provided applicator card that’s smaller and more maneuverable.

Good luck with the installation process! If you have further questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


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1 Comment

  1. RagtopB

    08/26/2012 at 6:57 pm

    video I made showing how to reuse a screen protector

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