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Screen Protector Shootout: NuShield



Truc Bui continues his GBM User Ink Review Series “Screen Protector Shootout”, this time focusing on NuShield.

The video portion of the review is below, followed by the text review. Next up will be BoxWave!

Be sure to read the entire series in the “Screen Protector Shootout.




– Truc Bui

NuShield, Inc.


•    Excellent coverage. Better corner to corner protection than Fujitsu provided screen protectors.
•    Great screen clarity and outdoor viewability.
•    Good price point at $20 + shipping ($5 for USPS)

•    Writing feel was not perfectly smooth and consistent
•    Picked up a few (very few) hairline scratches.
•    They’re phasing out the clear screen protector and will only have the AG protector. (Is this even a con?)

For the third round of the Screen Protector Shootout, I take a look at NuShield’s screen protector. NuShield has been in the screen protector market for a long time now. Their product line is quite impressive. Basically, if you have a device with a screen, they make something for it. Their website can be found at For this review, I worked with Mark and he sent me NuShield’s newest AG protector.

Initial Impressions:

YAY! A screen protector with edge to edge coverage! I understand the need for a universal standard size in the manufacturing process in order to keep costs down, and that’s exactly why I am thoroughly impressed with NuShield’s attention to detail here. The NuShield’s coverage is actually better than the screen protectors that come with the Fujitsu T2010. The four adhesive strips run along the perimeter of the screen protector, so installation should be a snap. The NuShield is of good thickness. Further investigation on their website reveals that the NuShield AG is actually 4 layers thick.


Installation was a snap. I was able to get the NuShield on without a hitch. The trickiest part is removing the adhesive strips. After that, it was a simple lay-on procedure that was easy and painless. The protector laid flat against the screen and was free from bubbles. The adhesive strips became clear and unobtrusive once the screen protector was on and pressure was applied to secure the adhesive.

Preservation of Luminosity:

The luminosity was great with the NuShield. The speckling that occurs with most, if not all, AG screen protectors was expected and was present with the NuShield. With that said, the speckling was not intrusive and preserved image quality.

Writing Feel:

The writing feel on the new NuShield AG was adequate. It was not as smooth as some of the other screen protectors tested, but it isn’t too bad. The writing feel was a tad inconsistent because it would catch in some directions in some parts of the screen. It was seemingly completely random. Perhaps all those layers bunch up with how hard I write. A lighter writing pressure smoothed out the writing experience greatly.

Outdoor Viewability:

The NuShield does a good job of preserving outdoor viewability. Under shade, the NuShield was on par with the WriteShield. Under direct morning sun, the NuShield performed almost as well as the WriteShield. In any case, at 100% brightness on the Fujitsu screen, outdoor viewing was very comfortable and only required a slight change in screen angle to remedy any washed-out glare caused by the sun.

Screen Protector Removal:

The NuShield was as easy to remove as it was to put on. Pry up a corner and peel away. Since the adhesive only resides on the edges, removing was quick and painless. The adhesive did not leave any residue after removal.


Given its $25 price point, the NuShield is a great all-around protector. The only bad thing for me about it was the rough inking experience. If you’re a heavy inker, the NuShield might not be the best solution for you. If you’re a light inker, the NuShield’s complete screen coverage and AG quality makes it a very strong contender.

Highly Recommended!

Stay tuned for Round 4!


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