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SDTimes Claims It Has The Goods On Microsoft Midori



I wouldn’t count these chickens just yet but this is some interesting barnyard reading. SDTimes claims to have gotten their hands on some detailed information on Microsoft’s Midori, which they claim is a new, built-from-scratch post Windows Microsoft OS. Built from the ground upp, Midori is supposedly  Internet centric and highly componetized.

We’ve heard talk about all sorts of ways of redoing a Microsoft OS and there are certainly calls for a do-it-over-from-scratch approach, as well as a Min-Win sort of approach. While I’m sure Microsoft is spending its research dollars looking at all sorts of options, (these things take quite some time to get from idea to the move forward stage), I’d file this under interesting possibilities. Robert Scoble carries that a bit further thinking you’d be an idiot if you think we’ll see any such thing in the near future. I’m not sure I’d call you an idiot, I don’t think I’d hold my breath either. That said, the article is worth a read.



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