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Search Faster on the iPhone with Spotlight



After switching from Android to iPhone, one of the things that really annoys me is how long it takes to search for something.

Unlike Android, there is no Dedicated search widget with fast access to Google. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to start a Google Search from your iPhone without launching Safari, scrolling to the top and tapping on search.

Like me, you may know about this trick, but I recently discovered how much of a timesaver this is. Combine this with our 5 tips to type faster on the iPhone, and you’ll be searching faster than ever.

Spotlight is the leftmost homescreen on the iPhone, and is built into every version of iOS, so even if you have an older iPhone, you can search fast. Spotlight is able to search your iPhone, but also the web.

Search Faster on iPhone

Search Faster on the iPhone with Spotlight

If you are on your main iPhone homescreen you can tap the home button once to get to Spotlight. If you are on any other home screen, press home to get to the main home screen, and then press home again, just make sure you don’t press the button to fast, pulling up the multitasking apps.

Once you’re on the Spotlight screen, just start typing what you want to search. When you finish typing your search, tap on Search the Web or Search Wikipedia and you’re off.

Once you get into the habit of searching with Spotlight, you’ll be searching faster than ever.

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