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Searching the Web with Voice Using Tazti



TaztiThis looks to be a promising new voice recognition application for mobile pc users. Tazti (pronounced ““tasty”) is developed by the Voice Tech Group. Tazti is voice recognition software that among other things allows you to search the Internets using voice commands. For example, if you speak ““search Google” and then then phrase you are looking for, it will quickly bring up the Google results for that search. You can of course also issue other commands to manipulate software as well.

As with all voice recognition software training is involved and Tazti uses Vista’s speech training for that purpose. That said, I’ve installed the beta and without any training at all had successful results on the ThinkPad X61 without using a separate microphone. I plan on doing an InkShow of Tazti soon and will be spending more time with the application before that. I’ll also be looking at this on UMPCs.

Speaking of the beta, the good folks at Voice Tech Group have made the beta of Tazti available free of charge for anyone who wants to give it a go and they are looking for feedback. You can check out their site (they even have a jingle!) and download the beta at this link.


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